A French Landmark in New Orleans
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Esplanade Avenue history

In the 19th century, Esplanade Avenue in New Orleans, where Degas House is located, was an important route for commerce. It also functioned as a "millionaire row" for the Louisiana Creole section of the city. Today it is a beautiful oak-lined avenue that runs from the Mississippi River to Carrollton Avenue in City Park. Much of Esplanade Avenue is residential and many of the 19th century mansions still line the street. Near the river, on one side of the Esplanade is the world famous French Quarter. Cross Esplanade on Decatur Street and you'll be in the up and coming Frenchman Street area where you can find live bands playing everything from jazz to rock to reggae.

Esplanade Avenue passes through the area alternately known as "Faubourg St. John" or "Esplanade Ridge". Degas House is in this section.