Degas Policy

Policies of Degas House

Regarding Degas House Bed and Breakfast
  • Degas House Bed and Breakfast, besides having 9 guest rooms, is a venue for weddings and special events. Edgar Degas House Creole Impressionist Tours are conducted throughout each day, 7 days a week (check our schedule during holidays). B&B guests may not always have access to common areas, such as the courtyard, parlors and gallery, when being used for a wedding or special event. Your consideration is appreciated;
  • The Degas House kitchen is off-limits, without prior arrangement, to all guests. (This is due to the multi-functionality of the home and the need to coordinate various events taking place simultaneously. Due to guest room rentals and Breakfast and the Tour for up to 60 people, the provisioning and coordination of the kitchen is imperative in order to keep on schedule for all activities, including weddings and site visits on most weekends.);
  • Booking all guest rooms in the B&B does not guarantee “buying out the house”, and the kitchen, parlors and other common areas are not included in the rental;
  • For the convenience of B&B guests, our rooms have refrigerators, and the two suites, William Bell and Mathilde, have kitchens;
  • Registered B&B guests may gather in public areas when not in use by Degas House, but may not invite friends or host parties in the common areas without prior arrangements. Any gathering of this type is called an “event” and must be booked prior to occupation of room rentals, even if the rooms are all booked by the same person, family or group of friends. Additional charges for “events” will apply. For information or to arrange an event, call 504-821-5009 or email
  • If in doubt about any of our policies, please contact Degas House at 504-821-5009 or email