A French Landmark in New Orleans
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the Garret Rooms

Located on the third floor of the main house, the Garret Rooms are modeled after artists’ studios of 19th century Paris, and built into the eaves of the house. Degas, himself, lived in Parisian garrets. Named for the children of the household, Degas’ nieces and nephews are documented to have played in the open attic space on rainy days. Carrie was the daughter of William & Mathilde Bell, and was Edgar Degas' second cousin. The Carrie Room has a Queen Bed, and private bathroom with shower. The room has a taupe and mauve color-scheme, and its features include hardwood floors, Queen Bed, dark wood armoire, two nightstands, and a ceiling fan. The large, private bathroom has tile flooring, and a shower. The Carrie Room can accommodate up to 2 guests.
There are no other accommodations.