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Louisiana Colonial Attends Tour and Luncheon

  • 3 - Group viewing Documentary

Degas House was honored to host Founders Chapter Louisiana Colonials on February 5, 2014. Members attended the Edgar Degas House Creole Impressionist Tour, followed by a luncheon in the Degas House parlors. During the luncheon, Degas House Founder, David Villarrubia, spoke to the group about the history of Degas House and the artwork of Edgar Degas. Members commented that they “had a wonderful time” and “learned so much more than they dreamed they would”. Louisiana Colonial is an organization made up of descendants of settlers who came to Louisiana before the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. It is a genealogical, historical and preservational organization. Meetings are held in places that have historical documents and significance.

  • 6 - Group in Hall
  • 4 - Group in Main House
  • 5 - Group in Main Parlor
  • 7 - Dinner
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  • 9 - Owner presentation
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