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Degas-Bayou St. John House

Dinner with Degas, April 16, 2014

Featuring Chef Ryan Haigler

  • 1 Table Setting

What an amazing experience our third “Dinner with Degas” event was! Chef Ryan Haigler amazed everyone with his own unique interpretation of Lafcadio Hearn’s recipes from the Creole Cookbook published in 1885. Each of the delicious seven courses was followed with cheers and clapping from the guests. Chef Haigler’s menu was created only for this particular meal, never to be served again in this way. He explained each course before presenting it to the guests, and then the original recipe was read from Lafcadio’s cookbook. What fun!

Guests from all over the United States attended this unique dining experience – New York, Utah, and all over Louisiana. What brought them here? The history of Degas House and the anticipation of a unique dining experience surrounded by the spirit and art of Edgar Degas. We are appreciative of the guests who have come to each of our dinners, which is a testament to how enjoyable this experience is.

There is no way to adequately describe this event – you just have to be there. The next event will be May 21st. Call now for tickets – 504-821-5009.

  • 2 Florals and Veggies

Floral Decor with Bread and Radishes provided by Chef Haigler

  • 3 Bread and Veg Display

Table decor with bread, radishes, corn and other vegetables.

  • 4 Getting ready to prepare food

Getting ready to prepare the meal.

  • 5 Guests at table

Guests waiting in anticipation of meal

  • 6 Chef Haigler introduction

Chef Haigler explains his interpretation of this seven course meal

  • 9 Chef Haigler explaining next course

Chef Haigler describing the First Course.

  • 7 Amuse in tray


"To Cook Turnips"

  • 8 First course

First Course

"Light Bread, Invariably Good"

Covey Rise Radishes Salad,Petit Chicory and Mustard Frill, Farmhouse Butter

  • 10 Second coudrse

Second Course

"Crayfish Bisque a la Creole"

Seared Crawfish Cake, Grilled LA Green Garlic

  • 11 Third course

Third Course

"Succotash or Corn & Beans Mixed"

Crispy Ham Bits, Soft Farm Egg, LA Shallots

  • 12 Fourth course

Fourth Course

"Macaroni in a Mould"

Confit Pork, Smoked Brussel Sprouts, Sweet Pepper Burre Fondue, Espelette

  • 13 Fifth course

Fifth Course

"Louisiana Hard-Times Cake"

Roasted Strawberry, Champagne Sabayon, Candied Black Peppercorn, Mint Syrup

  • 14 Mignardises 2


"Coconut Candy"

"Fancy Punch"

  • 1 Table Setting

Table Setting

  • 5 Chefs preparing

Chefs Preparing Food

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Degas House

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