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Dinner with Degas on February 12 & March 12, 2014

Featuring Chef Jacob Cureton

  • 11 Guests eating

Dinner with Degas” events held at Degas House on February 12th and March 12th were extremely successful events and fun for all, as evidenced by the favorable comments of the guests, the smiles on their faces and their obvious enjoyment of the experience. Chef Jacob Cureton was joined by Chef Matthew Kopfler and Chef Ryan Hughes to prepare the food. The importance of this meal is that it represented the type of Creole foods enjoyed by Edgar Degas and his family when he visited his maternal relatives in New Orleans in 1872-1873. The meal consisted of 7 courses from Lafcadio Hearn’s Creole Cookbook which was published in 1885. As each course was served, Chef Cureton explained the food and ingredients to the guests. Then Cindy Denney, of the Degas House staff, read an excerpt from Lafcadio’s Hearn’s cookbook which contained stories about the courses being served. 

Lafcadio Hearn’s Creole Cookbook is available for purchase in the Degas House Gift Shop. Call 504-821-5009 to reserve yours.

  • 23 Cookbook
  • 4 Absinthe
  • 2 Menu
  • 8 Food Preparation
  • 9 Eggs with Browned Butter and Vinegar
  • 10 Parsnip Fritters

Dinner with Degas Menu, February 12, 2014

SO.uthernMOD.erne à la Maison Degas

A Tribute to Lafcadio Hearn’s Creole Cook Book

“Eggs with Browned Butter and Vinegar”
deviled quail egg
beurre noisette whipped yolks
smoked paprika and grapefruit gastrique
steen’s cane syrup
toasted hazelnuts
“Parsnip Fritters”
crispy parsnip
pickle-roasted pecans
butternut and rutabaga pickles
citrus beet vinaigrette
red sorrel and arugula
“Rabbit Soup”
rabbit mouselline dumpling
dry vermouth-rabbit broth
candied carrot ribbons
crispy carrot tops
rabbit bacon bits
“Turnips to Cook”
brandy pork cheek crépinette
tender turnip greens
warm turnip purée
brandy braise reduction
“Red Fish a la Provençale”
redfish goujonettes
butter-bay leaf poached sweet onion
meyer lemon velouté
crispy capers
“To Preserve Pears”
entre-deux-mers preserved bartlett
salt-roasted bosc pear sorbet
sliced d’anjou pear
local soft cheese
fried Brazil nuts
“Maizena Cake”
brown butter cornbread chiffon
praline bacon crumble
frozen blueberries
popcorn anglaise

  • 14 Chef Jacob Cureton
  • 18 Red Fish a la Provençale
  • 15 Cindy Denney
  • 9 Guests
  • 1 Table Setup

Pianist Elizabeth Nicol added to the ambiance by providing music during the dinner on the grand piano in the parlor.

  • 5 Elizabeth Nicol pianist
  • 6 Pianist

"The first Dinner with Degas was a fabulous event." - M. Durant

  • 13 Plating of Rabbit Soup
  • 17 Turnips to Cook
  • 18 Red Fish a la Provençale

March 12, 2014 Menu by Chef Jacob Cureton

A Tribute to Lafcadio Hearn’s Creole Cook Book

“Oyster Pickle. Very Easy and Nice”

warm oyster. pecan
chow-chow. shallot

“Tomato Jam”

egg crêpe. nasturtium
tabasco pepper-tomato jelly
creole cream cheese

“Queen Victoria’s Favorite Green Pea Soup”

green peas. mint. charred celery
spiced citrus-cured bacon

“Trout Stuffed and Baked”

speckle trout. andouille stuffing
clementine. vin blanc
brussels sprouts

“Mutton That Will Taste Like Venison”

braised leg of lamb
potato cream puff
huckleberry-mushroom jus
pureed mustard greens

“Orange Cheesecakes”

orange curd. basil
sweet crème fraîche

“Chocolate Cream Drops”

dark chocolate ganache
hazelnut. herbsaint caramel
truffle divinity
Coffee or tea available

Chef Jacob Cureton

  • Oyster Pickle
  • Tomato Jam
  • Nastursiums