Chef Ryan Haigler of Bacchanal and Emeril's

The chef for the third "Dinner with Degas" event on April 16, 2014, will be Chef Ryan Haigler of R'evolution, Bacchanal and Emeril's Restaurants in New Orleans.  Chef Haigler will interpret his choice of recipes from Lafcadio Hearn's Creole Cookbook (published 1885), with the dinner to be served in the Degas House Grand Parlors.

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Immerse yourself in a true Creole experience as Chef Haigler recreates the Creole hospitality of Edgar Degas and his New Orleans family, the Mussons. Enjoy a seven course meal and conversation surrounded by the spirit and art of Edgar Degas.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Absinthe cocktail 6:30 pm; first course served at 7:00 pm

Degas House, 2306 Esplanade Avenue, New Orleans

Cost: $78 per person

To Purchase Tickets:

Call Degas House at (504) 821-5009

(See Menu Below)

You may bring your own wine. There will be no corkage fee.

Reserve now! Limited number of tickets will be sold.

SO.uthernMOD.erne à la Maison Degas

Chef Ryan Haigler's Menu for this Dinner with Degas

A Tribute to Lafcadio Hearn’s Creole Cook Book


“To Cook Turnips”

First Course

“Light Bread, Invariably Good”

Covey Rise Radishes Salad, Petit Chickory and Mustard Frill, Farmhouse Butter

Second Course

“Crayfish Bisque a la Creole”

Seared Crawfish Cake, Grilled Louisiana Green Garlic

Third Course

“Succotash or Corn and Beans Mixed”

Crispy Ham Bits, Soft Farm Egg, Louisiana Shallots

Fourth Course

“Macaroni in a Mould”

Confit Pork, Smoked Brussel Sprouts, Sweet Pepper Burre Fondue, Espelette

Fifth Course

“Louisiana Hard-Times Cake”

Roasted Strawberry, Champagne Sabayon, Candied Black Peppercorn, Mint Syrup


“Coconut Candy”

“Fancy Punch”

Continuation of Dinner with Degas monthly series

Noted New Orleans chefs will be featured for future dinners, each interpreting a seven course meal culminated from Hearn's Creole Cookbook while being served in the Degas House Grand Parlor. Chefs will bring their personal flair to the meal, and will recreate the Creole hospitality of Edgar Degas, his New Orleans family, the Mussons, and Lafcadio Hearn. Guests will enjoy a true Creole experience with absinthe, food, music, and conversation all surrounded by the art and spirit of Edgar Degas.

Local mixologist, Paige Torres, will create another original absinthe cocktail.

The chef will be announced for the July 16th dinner which will be a Bastille Day Dinner extraordinaire and Edgar Degas 181st birthday celebration. Please join us for this limited engagement. Call 504-821-5009 for more informaiton.

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Chef Ryan Haigler

I am a member of the Sous Chef Team of Restaurant R'evolution. Born and raised in Mount Pleasant, SC (Mount P. is a mere shadow of, in the age of the mega mall, of the beautiful, almost rural, coastal area East of the Cooper River to the Peninsula of Charleston proper, which it once was) lined with pristine, historic sea islands and estuaries. I grew up in the creeks, on the beach and in the surrounding waters fishing, crabbing, and on the shrimp boats with family friends. My great grandmother was an old world style polish Butcher. I began cooking in November of 1992 at The Waffle House on Long Point road in Mount P. My uncle was the regional manager at the time, so he was able to work around my age by calling me an expediter on my paperwork, not a cook. You had to be at least 15 to start as a cook. I began cooking right away. My 18 year old brother died in 1993. This pushed me into the culinary underbelly at the age of 15, along with the lifestyle associated there. I cooked through everything Charleston had to offer at the time, from high volume seafood to fine dining. The last move I made in there was from Sous chef at Meritage (small plate late night culinary hang out) to opening Oak Steakhouse (Fine Dining) with Brett Mckee as Sous in 2004. After Oak had been open and rolling strong for 4 months, I decided I wanted to further my training, with one solid year, cooking in NYC. In 2005 I cooked at Craft, Kittichai, and Jean-Georges Spice Market until Summer, 2006 when I decided to move to New Orleans.
I began my New Orleans life in late Summer/early Fall 2006. I immediately immersed myself in the culture of this amazing, magical city and its surrounding areas before reaching out to My friend Justin Devillier, of La Petit Grocery. I wanted to plant some roots working from the bottom up. So naturally, I started my career in New Orleans as a dishwasher at LPG moving to the Sous Chef position within a month. In 2008 I met Nathanial Zimet through Justin, and hearing about his new restaurant, Boucherie, I worked on his BBQ truck (in my spare time). I jumped at the grassroots opportunity. Once Boucherie blew up to be the immense success it still is today, I really wanted to focus on what I moved here to do, which was study Charcuterie further. Through a little research I discovered that Emeril's Delmonico had the most diverse Charc program in town at the time. I dropped off a resume and left. Moments later Issac Toups (Toups' Meatery) kicked open the door and chased me down the street to hire me on the spot. I ran the butchery program there for 2 years and when the R'evolution came along the rest is history. Chefs Folse and Tramonto are amazing driving forces and I work around the clock for them. 24/7.
Whew! That sums up 20 years for Me!