Degas House
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New Orleans, Louisiana, LA 70119, United States
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Who was Pierre?

  • Pierre Room, Garret

Who was Pierre? Pierre de Gas, born in 1870, was the eldest child of Rene and Estelle. Upon Edgar Degas’ visit to New Orleans, Pierre was two years old and one of three children of Rene and Estelle de Gas. Pierre may be one of the young children depicted in the painting “Children on a Doorstep” that Degas painted from what is the current breakfast room of this house.

Pierre’s father, Rene, deserted Estelle in 1879. In response to the disgrace that had befallen the De Gas name, their grandfather Michel Musson would later adopt Pierre, his sister Odile, and brother Gaston.

Pierre died at the age of eleven during an outbreak of young fever in 1881.

  • Pierre Room, Garret

The Pierre Room is located in the Garret on the third floor of Degas House. There are no windows as the room is built into the eaves of the house, making it extremely quiet, eliminating the noise of the city. The room is a subtle, sage green color, and its features include hardwood floors, a brass Queen Bed, a Twin Bed, and ceiling fan. Its furnishings include a dark wood dresser, armoire, and nightstand. This room has a spacious, open floor-plan. The large, private bathroom has tile flooring and a shower.