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Morning Call in City Park Near Degas House

Serving Beignets and New Orleans Coffee and Chicory

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New Orleans City Park's expansion now includes a new restaurant. "Morning Call", formerly located in the French Quarter, then in Metairie Louisiana, has now relocated to the Park. Serving the traditional French doughnuts called Beignets, this traditional New Orleans breakfast food or desert tastes best covered in powdered sugar and enjoyed with New Orleans coffee and Chicory.

The tradition of having a few Beignets after a late night in the French Quarter has, in recent years, been expanded to provide for 24/7 demand on the fried pastry.
City Park flooded out completely in 2005, another victim of Hurricane Katrina. Due to Federal Disaster relief funds, City Park is rebuilding a better park than residents have experienced in recent years. Morning Call is one of many revitalization projects.

In addition to Beignets and coffee, Morning Call has an abbreviated menu, which includes other New Orleans favorites, such as Red Beans and Rice and Crawfish Etoufee. Also, the City Park gift shop is located in the same building.