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Who was Jeanne?

  • Jeanne Room

Jeanne de Gas, born in 1872, was the third child of Rene’ and Estelle de Gas. Jeanne was born during Edgar Degas’ visit to New Orleans and he was consequently named her godfather. Jeanne was christened at the St. Rose of Lima Church nearby while Degas was in New Orleans. 

Unfortunately, Jeanne died in 1878 from the same illness that killer her aunt, Mathilde Musson Bell, which was one of the fevers. She was buried in her confirmation gown.

The Jeanne Room is located in the Garret on the third floor of Degas House, right off a kitchenette which services the 3rd floor. There are no windows as the room is built into the eaves of the house, making it extremely quiet, eliminating the noise of the city. The Jeanne Room has a Full Bed, a Twin Bed, and private bathroom with shower/tub combination. The room is a calming, butter cream. Its features include hardwood floors, antique, brass Full Bed, Twin Bed, and a ceiling fan. The furnishings include dark wood armoire, and 3 nightstands. The private bathroom has tile flooring, and a shower/tub combination. This medium-size room can accommodate up to 3 guests.